Level Two. Seemingly Not.

Level Two. Seemingly Not.

By Michelle Lloyd.

At school size was an issue! Believe it or not, size mattered but not always in the way that many might think.

When RV had been approached with a replacement satchel for school, he had pointedly refused to alter from his old one. At one time it had been admired and collectively established a lead as the biggest and best all time school content carrier of all time!

It sounded silly to those not in the know but changing satchels would have meant looking different to the eyes of the class and THAT would have meant losing a few points on the likability scale and even the thought of it had sent shivers down RV’s little spine.

Horror of horrors, RV’s mind was seemingly NOT for changing and having any other satchel but the one he was used to having with him, was simply not an option.

RV was resolute and firm in his likes and dislikes. It was because of this that he felt opposed in the extreme to the idea of alteration.

Hence when the inevitable alteration attempt came from the parents, it did not go down well with RV. The parents tried to gently persuade him with the philosophy that sometimes it was necessary to alter what you liked because of either need or preference. You could find that many likes were based on what you depend on, the parents explained but how was he ever to know if he liked something else if he did not try it?

Not any kind of talk was met with agreement from RV but in practice it was at school one day that RV found his satchel, the very same that his mother had tried to get him to replace, gave out on him and this left him and all his belongings scattered on the floor.  Not a situation he wanted to be in, when his friends were all looking on and all of a sudden the best school accessory turned into the least reliable.

It was more out of desperation than desire RV resorted to the extra satchel that his mother had insisted on being kept for him at school. He tried it, he used it for most of his day and he had to admit although only to himself, that he did like the newer satchel. Best of all though was the totally unanticipated new comments of admiration that came with the new satchel, from the class. This satchel might not have been the biggest but it did have a lot to discover in terms of hidden side pockets and useful straps all of which quickly became useful and used unlike ever before.