Level Two. Possible?

Level Two. Possible?

By Michelle Lloyd.

History could be a very useful teacher. Historical lessons were the ones filled with proper examples of what happened to who and when… Little Herbert was not what you call a history buff but he found it a skill to use his historical lessons for further thought about comparisons and conflicts.

How many times had Little Herbert sat through a class on a major world event and thought Oh yes, that sounded like the time when a more recent incident had occurred? Too many for him to count, was the answer.

It slowly occurred to Little Herbert, who was not the most adept pupil at every class, that even with a little bit of thought applied he could see a pattern emerging. Mistakes or misunderstandings had in the past been a reason for political decisions and there were lessons that should have been learnt as a result. Motivation for leaders to act, react or lead by example seemed to be similar or prevalent for the same set of issues and Little Herbert could not understand why this was the case.

Having put his own conflict out there for a bit of debate, Little Herbert raised his hand and the point, in his history class. He had seen the influence of a good bit of Q and A, so his particular line of thought had to be precise.

Little Herbert asked his class why it was that multiple and similar events in history surrounded the same objectives and that if this was ever a possible scenario for change. The class went silent at that particular juncture. It took a few minutes before opinions started to roll in. First, discussion was had on economical and social matters, the money and means for success in societies nearly always seemed to have a part to play. Difficulties and challenges at differing times in history there were but hardly ever was there a one winning philosophy that had been a single, prevailing answer. On, the latter part of the discussion on how history influenced their lives today and if there could be a different answer to many of the problems that they had heard about or lived through, nobody could agree. Many in the class thought it not impossible for there to be a superhero of a leader who could go down as a victor in history but then some felt that there was room for such a role. Little Herbert felt torn and then he realised that he had a response to his own to the question of history.

There did not need to be a definitive superhero nor one particular winning role to take the lead. Victory could come from many who all made the right move for a positive, majority of a motivation. Tomorrow’s future came from the generation of today and if one took that philosophy to heart then there could be every possibility for positive steps to make their monumental and motivated marks in history.