Level Two. No.

Level Two – No.

By Michelle Lloyd.

It was a response that Little Herbert had given a lot of late and it was a word that others who knew him had heard used extremely often.  What was the word?  No.

Many occasions of late had seen Little Herbert reject or outright refuse them.  He would not take part in, get involved in or even think about them at all.

It was recently that Little Herbert’s two allies R V and New One had wanted to find out why No had to be the answer.

R V tried to get a yes out of him first but on having asked him if he would like to try out his latest app, Little Herbert’s up to then happy attitude altered and he answered with a polite but firm no.

New One took over the task and took Little Herbert aside in class one day, he asked him if he would like to go for a walk with Lana and himself after school.  Little Herbert paused, he looked like he would say something positive but then he turned it down and said no, he had to get home instead.

It was terribly difficult to know and understand what Little Herbert’s issue was and why he kept saying no to them.  In desperation they turned to their parents who suggested that maybe they should ask him what was wrong.

Came the day when R V and New One approached Little Herbert with a question they knew they would not get a no to and that was why he kept refusing or turning ideas down.  Silence was met with their first attempt to get him to talk, then he tried to make an excuse and not answer but in the end the allies worked at him as one and got him to explain…

It was that Little Herbert had been apparently not doing so well in class at school and his Dad had told them that he should concentrate on his studies instead of going off and doing so many other things.  While they both could understand that reasoning R V and New One were sure that Little Herbert’s Dad would not have meant for him to take his advice to such an extreme length.  The three decided the only way to sort this out was to go and talk with Little Herbert’s Dad.

Later that afternoon the Dad was approached and New One and R V told him of what had happened to them.  As guessed, they were correct and Little Herbert’s Dad told him that while he had to ensure that his school work was done well, he also had to have time to be with R V and New One.  It was a sort of work life balance.

Instead of keeping away from R V and New One, they decided that they could in fact help him out with his studies.  R V was known for his ability to do well at school and so it was hardly a strain for him to help Little Herbert progress, the quicker he got better at what he needed to learn, the quicker they could get him back.  That was how they saw it and that was how they went about it.  While New One could not do as much in the learning area, he provided the fun atmosphere when needed and before they knew it Little Herbert was back to being able to attain his needed grades and yes was much more of an answer heard being said by him.