Level Two. Nigel’s Life Lesson.

Level Two – Nigel’s Life Lesson.

By Michelle Lloyd.


Nigel was different to others about his own age,

it was explained when asked that he had his own physical stage.

When others at school would walk or run,

Nigel could only watch as they had their fun.


Nigel thought he had been different for an awfully long time,

and he always seemed to be the last in the line.

He tried to be happy and to always have a smile,

but it was hard to be positive for all the while.


It was hard to be at school with friends who could play, walk and run,

when Nigel found it difficult to wait behind and be the ‘different one’.

His mum had taught him life lessons and so had his school,

he knew what was important but sometimes he felt like a fool.


To know something was different to being able to live it in life and on it to act,

he knew at heart he was the same as his friends but that to him did not feel like a fact.

His friends had feet upon to walk, jog and run,

while Nigel had an adaption made and an operation had on him been done.


Physically Nigel was not as fast as his friends,

but in mind and heart he could most definitely make amends.

In jokes and ideas for games everyone at school did know,

if that was what you wanted then to Nigel you would have to go.


Nigel had a lot of friends but sadly of late,

his lack of physical access to things had made him have to wait.

At school people had noticed that Nigel had not been himself at all,

he had not been joining in or answering when his name had been called.


Nigel, though he did not know it, was loved by many at school,

it was that they admired him for his life lived beyond the rules.

If anyone had a problem in life then Nigel would know,

what advice to give, what they should do and how far they should go.


Nigel took a lot of the lessons that he had learnt in life to heart,

what mattered to him was how hard you tried, what was achieved and not about how in life you did start.

He was a big part of lives at school though this he did not know,

sometimes he felt judged by how slow he had to go.


Nigel’s friends talked with teachers at his school and they all agreed,

it was sad to see Nigel unhappy and so they had to take the lead.

One morning Nigel made his way into the school hall with his mum,

and it was that what he saw there made him slightly overcome.


A smile Nigel had and it was one straight from his heart,

as plans were made by all his friends and they were displayed as works of art.

Posters were being talked about and the announcements were vast,

all about how to make access problems for Nigel something of the past.


Nigel’s friends could be found beside him and Nigel felt all full of pride,

for he knew that with his friends and school his true happiness did reside.

Life lessons were something that little Nigel had long known about,

but the real lesson that meant something to him wasn’t the kind you needed to shout out.


A Life Lesson to Nigel was all about how someone could learn to live,

it was all in one’s happiness and to others what they could give.

Nigel’s friends and school put actions into a plan,

and Nigel soon found out what people loved him for was never about how fast he ran.