Level Two. Newness.

By Michelle Lloyd.

New One was as at Lana’s side, as she was with him. Lana dog loved to do everything with New One and he was not too disappointed about this. Off they went to the park, garden, at work and play, the pair learnt together about nearly all aspects of life!

Lana was a puppy when they first stumbled upon her and since then New One’s family had taught her a lot. She was now a proudly house-trained, family dog in the know, and it had to be said that this made everybody’s life a lot easier.

It was that Lana was out and about with New One on an afternoon stroll when they decided to take a bit of a detour and they ended up getting home later than planned. Dad, New One and Lana got back to the house with a bit of a prepared stance for Mum to tell them off but actually on arrival what they saw gave them an even bigger shock…

A big box awaited them on the kitchen table and as they went forward to take a closer look, Lana’s nose told her all that she needed to know. It was with one sniff that she was whining and backing away. New One having seen her reaction, with even further trepidation, approached the box and did a double take at what he saw inside.

Little paws and a wriggling bundle of fun brought the little puppy and her temporary arrival into their lives. New One’s mum hastily explained that she was doing a friend of hers a very big favour and that they would be puppy sitting for a couple of days.

The news meant that everything else was forgotten. New One, who had thought it would be fun to look after the new puppy soon learnt that Lana was wise when it came to too much interaction. Too much action of any sort and puppy would let them all know about it. There were puddles, breakages and messes to prove it.

New One sat with Lana and together they adjusted and acclimatised to their old way of being with each other. It had to be said that the newness, cuteness and lovely factor of the puppy was something to cherish but then with it came a lot of responsibility to teach the more experienced lessons of life. Success had ultimately been theirs but New One and Lana both mutually agreed that they might leave it a little while before they ever tried that again.