Level Two. Nature.

Level Two – Nature.

By Michelle Lloyd.


A trip had been planned to go and see,

the rabbits’ burrows and plight of the bee.

It was time for New One, Little Herbert and for R V,

to get ready, get going out and about, with happy hearts of excitement went all three.

Little Herbert’s Dad had a day off from his magnificent toy shop,

he had planned a day out for the three friends that was going to be difficult to top.

Off went New One, Little Herbert and R V too,

off on a day out to a natural alternative to what the three thought was going to be a zoo.


After quite a while it seemed as if they had been going at an incredibly slow pace,

to New One, Little Herbert and R V it seemed as if they had driven past place after place.

A bit of moaning and shouts of ‘Are We There?’

Had Little Herbert’s Dad explain that the drive was worth it as they were going to see something about which they all did care.

As the car approached what looked like a forest of green,

New One, Little Herbert and R V looked at each other as they did not feel too keen.

Little Herbert’s Dad encouraged them all to get out,

but R V protested that this place certainly did not look like anything to shout about.

With a few sighs the three decided to give it a go,

but for what they were letting themselves in for the three did not know.

As they walked up the rocky Welcome path,

one look at the three friends’ faces and it was difficult for Little Herbert’s Dad not to laugh.

Discouraged and bored the three looked as if they did not want to go,

even after Little Herbert’s Dad explained he had bought them all tickets to Nature’s Amazing Show!


On getting through the ticket stall,

there was nothing that looked all that appealing, no activities or football.

Little Herbert’s Dad seemed to look as if he was in the know,

so all three small friends followed to see what he had them to show.

It was when they were taken up another path that the trees revealed,

a scene that had all three boys in excitement squeal.

The open space was filled with activities of different kinds,

there were many animals roaming around, enough choices to fill the three friends’ minds.


The rabbits’ area held their interest first, but in petting them R V turned out to be the worst!

Little Herbert’s Dad took them to what looked to be an upside down hut and it was a sight,

but what turned out to be a talk on nature’s miracle maker, it was all about a bee’s plight.

Then came foxes and all that they could do,

everything was going well until R V in a den got his foot and shoe stuck too.

After an outdoor lunch, the three were ready for the next activity to be…

there turned out to be lots to do and even more to see.


On the way home, the three had a lot to say and about many an incident to laugh,

R V had fallen on a log, been frightened by an unintimidating frog and got stuck on their raft.

Apart from the little incidents of the day,

there was a lot that the three had learnt and of which they could say.

Deer, fox and insects they had seen,

about lessons on life and how important they were to our wildlife all three had been keen.

The Nature Reserve had shown them new animals and all about how wildlife to preserve.

A lot had been learnt and as the three talked,

the wildlife of the day through their imaginations did stalk.