Level Two. My History?

Level Two. My History?

By Michelle Lloyd.

The teacher stood up at the front of their class and spoke about individual achievement and applying ambition to aims. Not everybody had to achieve in the same field or by using the same approach, what was important was how someone took to their decision to do well and how they surmounted their own obstacles.

New One felt incredulous that he had not got the point of learning from the past sooner. He felt sure that it was not about repeating past achievements or emulating what heroes of history had done, but about learning from their focus and determination.

There was a lot to be gained in understanding what had happened in history and why this had been. New One believed that in learning from the past, he could make for a better attempt at his own personal goals, towards making things more fair on a much larger scale.

Recently there had been a lot of discussion about different types of history and why experiences of it had shaped the way of behaviour and thought. New One had been prone to joining in with the debate and deciding on his own view of what was right or wrong and how to best go about resolving it. It had been engaging because it had given New One an insight into the possibility of improving matters of equality for many important aspects of society. Each issue raised gave a lot of potential for a better and more enlightened future, because at the end of the day history could be the greatest of teachers, if only the lessons could be taken to heart and mind.