Level Two. My Animals.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Neglect was not a thought that entered New One’s mind, not in a conventional sense. He usually felt content and fulfilled but if there was anything that was lacking in his life, New One usually felt that he could try and do something about it. It was not always easy and that was for sure, but he did try. New One believed that he had an understanding, empathetic personality but he had not ever really experienced neglect.

As an idea neglect has been introduced to New One on the news, he had caught the tail end of a feature being broadcast on the television and he felt incredibly sad about what had been broadcast.

The presenter had been talking about animals who lived out on the streets and how food for them was scarce. It had not been a news feature about his own country but New One felt compassion as if it was a problem that he had encountered, himself. It had not been enough to simply watch and forget about it.

New One felt humble about what he owned and what he had the potential to do but was wishful about what could be done for those animals who had not very much at all. Neglect was not always the fault of one body or another, at times of extreme or severe strain many areas of life could suffer. This in itself was not an idea that sat well with New One either.

That one news broadcast brought about the opportunity multiple times for New One to raise awareness about those animals’ plight. It was through his school that New One’s efforts combined with that of others and he started to put together fundraiser events, whereby he raised people’s awareness about international animals in trouble.

It was a huge success and New One managed to join adult and younger members of society together in raising funds for those animals most in need.