Level Two. How big are you?

Level Two. How big are you?

By Michelle Lloyd.

At school size was an issue! Believe it or not, size mattered but not always in the way that many might think.

Size was a means for competing but it was also used for achieving. Why it mattered was because it could help others succeed too. Why? In physical classes whereby sports came into play, everybody wanted that extra edge, being tall or strong came in as a very handy asset indeed.

That bit of extra height to shoot a ball or agility, they all came in as aspects and qualities, that were respected on the field, court or pitch. Everybody wanted the best on their team and Little Herbert, came in a different strength measurement to almost every other pupil he had met!

It was not always easy to be considered little in a world of large considerations. Could you be everything, everybody desired, all of the time? No, was the answer that Little Herbert had learnt over time. A lot of thought applied to this little but significant scenario and this was why…

Little or large, it did not matter which, but what did make that difference was how one adapted to the need of any situation. Little Herbert had tried to compete at first and school had been nothing but one seemingly long disappointment. Physically, he was not the strongest, fastest or most conventional at activities and this made sports a challenge.

It was when Little Herbert decided to take a step back and think about what his motivation was that his two allies, RV and New One, both helped him and the world of opportunities opened up for him.

Simply because he did not have the edge physically, this did not rule him out of participating or helping his team win. On their route to success Little Herbert found that physically gargantuan was not the only size that mattered most! Good sportsmanship and think ahead tactics were used by all three, as New One and RV ensured that their team mate put his own skills to the best use.

Little Herbert became adept of using his own mental prowess and the size of his capability in this aspect was worthy of competing at every level. In helping to plan, shoot to New One and then share the physical challenge with RV, his own refined playing position became an essential part of his sport’s team.

When it came to sporting events at school, nobody could do without Little Herbert and it was not because he fitted in with the sizable strength stakes, not conventionally anyway. It was Nigel’s mental power that gave him the edge and his size was the means for him achieving greatly, not just for himself but for everybody else on his school team as well.