Level Two. Friends Times Three.


New One and R V a happy friendship had the two,

they played so often they hardly had time to say PHEW!

New One introduced R V to all the new toys, they played with toy-cars, blocks and nothing was left just for show, they would build towns, mounds upon which the toy-cars would flow,

the race was on and it was Go, Go, Go!


One day the two R V and New One had built their toy track,

the cars were racing and it was smack, smack, smack as each would hit the other one,

they knew their play was getting out of hand but it was awfully fun for R V and New One!

Their mothers had told them not to play so hard with the little toy-cars,

they had been told not to take the games too far.

New One and R V had not seen fit to listen to what they had been told,

they carried on with the toy-cars hitting each other as the play did unfold,

and all too soon there was quite a CRACK, as the cars did fall off from their now broken toy track.


Sad and down hearted the friendship of the two,

the days only had memories of the games they knew.

The toy track had been their favourite toy and it was something that both without having were annoyed.

One day New One’s mother said to them both I hope you have learnt your lesson about looking after your toys and you now know how to play your games.

If you don’t look after your toys, she explained, they will never be the same.

Both boys replied firmly yes and seeing that the incident had caused them a lot of distress,

New One’s mother said she would take them both to the toy shop where a new toy track they could test.


The toy shop was like their ultimate haven, every shelf had many things,

New One had thought it would be an idea for his old toy track to bring.

The man in the toy shop took the toy track and started to look for something they would enjoy,

the track had been loved by both boys, as they looked around at all the toys,

both boys stopped as they heard a noise.

Out from behind one of the shelves a toy track popped out and with it there was a little shout.

A little boy about their age smiled as he held out the track with all the toy-cars to assemble for their game,

New One’s mother exclaimed that the new toy track was practically the same.


The man in the toy shop came out and smiled, Little Herbert, was the boy and he was his child.

New One, R V and Little Herbert did play, to each other they had a lot to say.

It was all where do you go to school and who do you know?

It has to be awesome to play in the shop with all the toys on show.

Little Herbert soon with R V and New One became friends.

When it was time to leave the three did not want to be parted and New One’s mother felt so bad she wanted to make amends.

To all three boys she said that if they all would good boys be,

then she would let them all play again and they could all each other again see, it was a firm friendship between the three, of New One, Little Herbert and R V.