Level Two. Feeling Well.

Level Two. Feeling Well.

By Michelle Lloyd.

What did it mean to be well? New One had heard the term Wellbeing and Wellness mentioned an awful lot. It was in the media, at school and even loudly referred to by people he had passed by, when he had been out on a walk with his Dad and Lana dog.

New One knew it was important to achieve wellness because he had been told this on numerous occasions. He thought the term could be applied to how healthy you were but then he got confused because those who looked quite health conscious to him, would start asking about wellbeing and how they could improve on it.

At school and at home New One started to listen out more and more for those two w words. Soon New One learnt that when his Mum went to her fitness classes, the word signified what other areas of life you were feeling in control of and you could attribute that to Wellbeing. If actions or practices in life helped you feel calmness and contentment then that was how Wellbeing factors could enhance your feeling of Wellness.

New One had heard one of his Mum’s Meditation class buddies say Wellness to her meant how alert you were and happy about life. New One was aware that many of his Mum’s buddies were very aware and alert, like his Mum, they all knew what their children were doing at all times. When asked, his Mum put her awareness or wellness down to meditation and calming exercises…it was certainly something for New One to think about.

New One’s Dad was a wellness person, he was sure of it, because he nearly always kept active and smiling. When New One asked him what the term meant, he explained that at work Wellbeing signified how well you were looking after yourself, your emotional needs or if you were feeling out of sorts at all. If you could say you were doing well for all three then according to Dad you were part of the wellness club. If New One took that kind of thought then being rested and feeling full meant that he was full of wellness. Again, he decided this was an interesting idea.

New One finally studied his dog, Lana, for signs of wellness in her. If being happy was part of it, then she certainly seemed to have mastered the art. Playing ball or long walks were what made her jump about and wag her tail. Without being able to gain more of a verbal answer from her than that, he decided maybe that was what wellness meant to her!

In the end, New One took not one but all three notions of wellness. Wellness could mean many positive conditions to different people or loved ones, but as long as one felt that they were being put into a happy, healthy state, then that was what mattered most.