Level Two. Experience the Experience.

Level Two. Experience the Experience.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Hectic and mad he would feel as anxiousness would often take over when Sammy was about to do something new and then all too soon slapdash would be the result.

It was hard to stop it when the feelings got hold of him. He felt pent up with anxiety, ready to wind himself up even more with any potential triggers and that could range from anything activity related to even talking about what was coming up. No, it had to stop.

All this stressing was not good for his health. He knew it. His family knew it. Even that famous councillor on TV had known it and warned them of it for absolutely ages. Do not let stress get the better of you. That was his advice and despite the fact that he was not meant to be watching that particular programme, he had taken those words to heart.

All too often it would mean that Sammy got so over-excited and consequently stressed about a potential event that it would take over him and then he forgot to take note of the experience when it happened.

This time it was going to be different. Sammy followed the TV councillor to his very letter of the word and closed his eyes when he felt the anxiety build. He waited, waited, but felt the excitement take over and in his haste he forgot to go through the meditation that had been suggested. Instead he babbled and ran about, feeling too fraught to participate in any of the fun activities that they had gone, as a family to experience.

It was terrible. Sammy felt that he was never to conquer the fear of excitement that he had built up inside. Nothing seemed to work. Sammy’s grandma had been watching him with a knowing look and when on one occasion she saw him start to dither and jump about with excitement, took him aside. She explained that as a young one herself, she had experienced that kind of over the top anticipation and she had a way to cope with it.

Sammy had not felt that anything could help him. He guessed that nothing would ever work, but he gave his grandma’s tip a go. The next wave of excitement which had him in a grip, did not do so for long, because Sammy stopped and used a tactic of distraction. He stopped, thought and did something else for a few minutes and until those feelings of anxiety did subside. The excitement got less, the pace slowed down and Sammy felt himself once again. Who knew, that after all his searching for a solution, the answer had been much closer to home all along.