Level Two. Environment Enlightenment.

By Michelle Lloyd.

The trio, RV, Little Herbert and New One were on a fact finding mission. They had visited an animal reserve so as to learn more about their natural habitat. In helping to protect the environment, each and every attempt was preserving an animal aim. In looking after the areas like the woodland, it was providing and maintaining as natural a habitat as possible, for the wild animals and the eco-system.

The guide informed them about ways that they could assist in keeping the environment healthy. Tips like helping out reputable organisations, or even doing one or more of the proffered suggestions.

  1. Reduce, reuse and recycle. You could cut down on what you throw away.
  2. Volunteer for clean ups in your community.
  3. Conserve energy and water.
  4. Try to rely on greener and cleaner methods.
  5. Positively educate others.
  6. Choose sustainable.
  7. Shop wisely.
  8. Use long lasting products around your own natural habitat, like energy saving light bulbs.
  9. Help to maintain the green environment or maybe join in an official, collective effort to plant a tree.

Even the idea of losing any species of animals made Little Herbert’s heart beat that little bit faster. He listened, learned and promised that in his own way, as did his two companions, that they would make those little differences. They would contribute to helping to inform and actively do what they could, as it all added up to making the wild side of life a viable potential for those who truly were wild at heart.