Level Two. Do what you Can.

Level Two. Do what you Can.

By Michelle Lloyd.

New One was astounded at how his mum could keep up with so many different objectives and aims in a day. He knew that she would keep up with every need and demand of the people she worked with, off she went to the Plant and Pot where she would be found most days, then at home he would notice her keeping up with everything that the family needed. To top it off, she would keep up with the messages her friends would send to her asking for aid with this or that…New One’s mum seemed to him to be the number one keeper upper ever.

New One watched as his mum would work to keep up with chores, family and friend needs. It was frantic, frenetic and fast! New One found himself rushing just to keep up with his keep up mum and before he knew it, he was lagging, in what seemed to him to be a do whatever you can competition.

At school New One tried to put his well learnt keep up practice into what he did and so he put his hand up with everyone else, tried to do more, say more and be engaged in more activities than he ever had before. Surely if his mum had demonstrated it, then that must be something he should aim to accomplish too, or so New One thought as he struggled and fought to keep up with everyone at everything.

The fast, full on day of requirements and extra, additional objectives started to soon catch up with New One. Before he had noticed it, the last class was being taught.  Having looked at a slightly astonished Little Herbert and at RV he could see that on his friends’ faces were looks of confusion at what he had been up to all day.

Getting caught up in the whirlwind lifestyle of doing whatever he possibly could had meant that New One had lost himself and not had any time left over to think about anything he had accomplished or learnt. In fact when he thought about it New One felt quite tired by the day’s exertions and he did not know how his mum kept up with all the keeping up that she did.

At the end of the day New One waited while his teacher had a quick word with his mum. It was on their way home that he found out what the teacher to parent talk had been about.  How had his day been his mother wanted to know and New One did not like to admit that try as he might, he could not keep up with everything as his mother did.

New One attempted to explain that he had been trying to do everything with everyone just as his mum did, and it simply came down to him not being able to emulate it. New One’s mum thought about what he had said for quite a while and then she reassured him that whilst it might look as if she was keeping up with everything, she had learnt some time ago, that she should only do what she knew she could do and never take on so much that she could not cope.

New One reluctantly accepted that he had taken on too much that day and he promised his mum that while keeping up looked like you should be able to take on everything asked of you, in reality all you should do was what you knew you could do well.