Level Two. Could You?

Level Two. Could You?

By Michelle Lloyd.

History could be a very useful teacher. Historical lessons were the ones filled with proper examples of what happened to who and when… Little Herbert was not what you would call a history buff but he found it a skill to use his historical skills for further thought about comparisons and conflicts.

How many times had Little Herbert sat through a class on a major world event and thought Oh yes, that sounded like something he could have helped to secure or have done. Motivation for individuals to act, react or lead by example seemed to teach Little Herbert that if he could think of a better option, then he would have done it better.

Having put his own conflict out there for a bit of debate, Little Herbert raised his hand and the point, in his history class. He had seen the influence of a good bit of Q and A, so his particular line of thought had to be precise.

Little Herbert asked his class what part of history had they favoured learning about and if they felt that in a prominent position, they could have handled the situation better. It took a few minutes before opinions started to roll in. Each to their own, opinions differed but for those who thought that they could have done better, the teacher decided to bring in a response of her own.

Tomorrow’s future came from the generation of today and history had to happen in accordance with different events, judging any time could be difficult to do from the outside and the class were taught this sentiment. They were also asked not to come to a final conclusion until a few more lessons down the line.

The teacher demonstrated over a few lessons which included media news reels, show and tells of experiences accurate to historical times and a biographical literature that there had been many varied and voice journeys, full of lesser known factors in history. Moving to the point of tears, many of the class were bewildered and baffled by how much they could uncover if they looked a little beyond the date lines and text book facts to the lives of the personal stories behind them. Many had endeavoured to make their monumental and motivated marks in history and after having taken in the magnitude of what this had meant, the class including Little Herbert, felt very differently about examples of comparison and if they could or not.