Level Two. Consider.

Level Two – Consider.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Little Herbert had long seen a trait in many of his friends,

all too quickly decisions were made and sometimes this was just to make amends.

If they had a choice then hardly any time did they give to what they would do,

they went by what everyone else did and then by this their own action they knew.

Little Herbert had to admit at times this was not such a bad way to be,

but sometimes he did ponder at how things suited him exactly.

In watching his dad Little Herbert came to a thought of his own,

and from seeing what he did a seed of an idea was sown.

Little Herbert’s dad was someone who knew his own mind,

he was able to have a considered opinion while remaining notoriously kind.

Little Herbert knew that sometimes he could benefit from being in with his friends,

but he did not always have to go their way just to feel he was making amends.

Being able to consider his ideas gave him more of an ability,

Little Herbert learnt that with consideration he could act much more faithfully.