Level Two. Am I Right.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Little Herbert remembered that not all that ago, he had learnt a lesson about looks.

The TT Races were taking places at his school and Little Herbert had been super excited to have his granddad help him. It had all been extremely positive until views clashed about the appearance and function of his entered vehicle.

Nobody was going to get excited over it. The crowds would not go wild. Little Herbert could just imagine it, as they stood at the competition lines and the TT Races began, he would be the only one who had to take part with an outdated vehicle.

Everybody had seen a bike before, even one with hidden acceleration and a nifty stabilising enhancement. It sure did make Little Herbert sad that he had nothing astonishing to show for himself at the starting line.

It had been so difficult for Little Herbert to realise that experience had given granddad his perspective. The results of the race had quickly turned Little Herbert’s mind around and fast did he catch on that granddad’s method had true motivation behind it.