Level Two. Aims.

Level Two – Aims.

By Michelle Lloyd.


Aims were the subject of the class and each student was given a task,

to find out what each pupil’s aims were the questions began to get asked.

Slowly aims yet to be fulfilled were heard and the students who were paired,

each with the other their own hidden visions of the future shared.

All was fine as ideas were discussed but it was not long before a fuss broke out,

the aims debate took over and all too soon the rules of class the students did flout.

There were disputes over who had which aims and why,

some had the same and there was disruption over this type of tie.

It was all too noisy, not a spoken word could be heard,

and the debate about aims seemed a lot of anger to have stirred.

It took a while before the teacher could speak again to the class,

it was explained that there was an aim in the debate itself to pass.

It did not matter who wanted to do what or why it was they had this dream,

what was important was how this aim to the individual did seem.

An aim could represent such a lot to someone and this was why,

it was not always a result that brought the most success but a lot could be learnt in the effort to try.

Life’s aims are important to show you what you can do,

it is about learning not to give up on your aims and understanding facts you never knew.