Level Two. Adult Vs Child.

Level Two – Adult Vs Child.

By Michelle Lloyd.

What did it mean to be an adult?  It was a question that posed many thoughts.  Surely as an adult all those childhood fantasies could then be fulfilled…or could they?

Sammy loved being able to live it large.  He was out most days doing it as only he could and life was lived at school, home and playing in the park.

There were certain playtime issues that did to Sammy apply and he for example, was told not to go on the smaller rides because he had outgrown them.  It was tough and a life lesson that he was not quick or keen to learn.

Why should his age preclude him from playing on some of his loved playtime pursuits?  Sammy’s parents told him no though and so he had to abide by the adult law.

Often Sammy would sit and contemplate what life would be like if he were truly older and able to make up law of his own.  Boy would he be able to do everything and anything that he liked.  Rides would no longer be out of bounds and nor would the older student areas at his local school.  He would do it all and live it large according to Sammy, as only he could.

One afternoon Sammy decided that he was old enough to take up this Adult Vs Child routine and make up his own laws.  He went up to the rides that he had been told he was not allowed to go on and gave it a little go…but oh no!  Stuck soon was he and no amount of pulling or pushing could release him from the mad merry go round of a ride that had been intended for those younger and smaller in size.

After some frantic flailing had only got him flying quicker round the ride, he had to relent and let some kind passers by help him out.  Sammy’s parents had been busy at the time talking and he put this down to a fortunate moment to learn, the very same that his mum and dad had often told him about.

Later at school Sammy thought about what his parents had told him.  Mistakes where opportunities to learn from and maybe that was a one to nil win in favour of the Adult Vs Child challenge.

Sammy soon though forgot about his park ride ordeal and went about another fantasy of his.  He was to enter the canteen at school through the adult only door.  What went on in there?  Why was it only the privileged older few who were allowed in that way?  No longer would these be unanswered questions in Sammy’s mind because he was about to test his own theories.

All too soon Sammy was encountered by the canteen through the back door.  At first it seemed interesting but then bashed was Sammy by an oncoming trolley full of plates and then beleaguered was he by an onslaught of hazards, the wet floor sign was particularly awkward to manoeuvre and especially so when you had noticed it too late and were already on a collision course with a smelly bucket of soapy suds!

Having narrowly avoided a catastrophe Sammy thanked his fortune once again for the opportunity to learn.  He had found that maybe there had been a reason why he should not enter through the back door and actually far from being as he had imagined, he had not even liked it all that much.

Sammy decided that maybe the Adult Vs Child challenge was not as challenge-like as he had first thought.  In fact doing as was probably experienced already by others could have its own advantages and Sammy rather liked what it had to offer.  At home Sammy’s parents noticed a marked change in his attitude towards any rules or suggestions that they had for him and it went to make life a lot more easier to live for both adults and child.