Level Three. Walk in their Footsteps.

Level Three. Walk in their Footsteps.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Little Herbert found all animals interesting. It took his breath away to contemplate how strangely beautiful differing animals lifestyles could be and it made him question how varied these experiences of habitat and home truly were.

It was because of this that Little Herbert’s dad arranged for him to go in for a walk on the wild side experience.

Out in the wilds, Little Herbert found himself cowering from the overgrown leaves and branches. He carefully set foot on the what to him was a wobbly but only method of crossing this strange but enticing environment. His heart did beat cautiously, almost was it afraid of making too loud a noise, because a little way below him walked the padded paws of some very furry and potentially ferocious animals.

In actual fact, the secured bridge, was all part of the walk on the wild side experience and Little Herbert had found his spirit captivated by all that he could see, feel and hear. It was true escapism for him to be able to walk in his idols footsteps, to feel the forest around him as he glimpsed the examples of his adoration below.

There was a lot that Little Herbert learnt that day from his experience of walking on the wild side. Walking in their footsteps had not been exactly as he had thought. Far from as free to roam wherever their hearts’ desire took them, Little Herbert learnt that many of the wild animals natural habitats had been eroded or even destroyed because of modern day living.

Conservation was key in providing and then maintaining as natural as habitat as possible for the wild animals that made Little Herbert’s heart beat that little bit faster. He listened, learned and promised that in his own way he would make those little differences that all added up to making the wild side of life possible for those who were truly wild at heart.