Level Three. Pampered Pets.

Level Three – Pampered Pets.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Lana was a dog who had known hardship.  She had not always had a loving family to call her own.  Looking lovingly at the pals she had now in life, she hardly ever thought back to those distant memories of what life had been like before.  She knew each of their scents, each of their voices and she felt safe and secure with them, her family.

Having known what a life on the streets was like, Lana was not too keen on being separated from her new-found family and this was why, any trip, with her had become a bit of an intriguing event in itself!  A walk with Lana meant fun, frolics and often a bit of a full on, full out fret about what and rather where the walking would lead.

Out on Walkies, there was no system or negotiation at all because Lana led everyone!  This was a family recognised fact, if Lana was going for Walkies then she meant it.  She took New One and dad or mum, depending on whose turn it was, on the walk, rather than they take her and that was how Lana could ensure that they stayed within her scent and sight.

On one occasion Lana had been a little too excited for a walk and it had taken New One, his dad, his mum and his grandma to pull her out of the next door’s flowerbed and back on to, where she should have been, which was the pavement.

The problem was that Lana loved her walks so much that she felt everyone should be a part of it and involved, so if she decided that the flowers looked particularly fragrant at that particular time then she would take everyone along with her to smell, the aforesaid, roses.

It took a while to get Lana trained in the fine art of walking properly.  It was with this much more sedate skill came a lot of laughter, love and more importantly the understanding that not everybody had to take such an active roll in one of Lana’s walks.