Level Three. One Bully vs. A Heroic Three.

Level Three. One Bully vs. A Heroic Three.

By Michelle Lloyd.

School had become a regular event for R V.  He loved the things other children seemed to dislike, the classes…well he found them to be not too bad, the teachers had all been kind to him, the school canteen, well there were worst places to be seen and on the whole when he thought about it, on the subject of school R V was not so sad.

Another major benefit of going to school was that one could have time with their friends and for R V that meant when the school gates opened New One and Little Herbert would be waiting for him.

School definitely had plus points and R V did not have to be dragged kicking or screaming into the colourful, interesting building that his parents talked about so often.  R V smiled as he got ready for his new day and when his Mother dropped him at the school door his friends were there waving at him.  New One and Little Herbert were all ready, steady and go, they were all prepared for their new day to flow…

As their first class began, it was all eyes on the teacher as through their maths lesson she ran.  R V did a little eye wander over to his two friends, just to see what they were up to and saw them both avidly watching the front of the class, no wonder as the building blocks had come out in an attempt to show them an easy route to solving their number puzzles.  It was at that moment R V thought about how much he liked his two friends, New One and Little Herbert.  They had only gotten to know each other recently but already their bond had become a strong one.  Having formed a friendship before their first days of school, it felt like they had already been through so much, so many great life events and it did not feel like life could shock them anymore than what they had already had to live through together.

New One, R V had helped with a speech all about his first day at school and that night had been a difficult one for them all.  Little Herbert had been a good friend, his Father owned a toy palace and on some afternoons they would be taken there to play.  All in all life was good and R V felt all that reassurance start to fade away as he saw something that was about to ruin his day…

New One who was sitting in front of him minding his own business had another child throw something at him, hard and aimed.  When New One looked around to see who had done it, their teacher also became aware of suspicious activity and seeing the screwed up ball which had hit New One as a target, he all of a sudden became a target of a different kind as the teacher asked if New One had thrown the object.  New One had protested that it was not him but the other child, the one who had done the deed, quick to accuse stated that if was New One and he had seen him do it.

Little Herbert and R V to each other did look, they tried to defend their friend but it was to no end and the teacher punished New One by sending him out of the class to think about what he had done.  The rest of the day was not all fun and play, the same child, the bully of before was waiting for them later by the class door and taunt them he did with names and claims that were untrue.

R V and Little Herbert tried to step in and step up for their friend but New One was so sad at the awful day he had.  Every time they attempted to cheer him up that bully would round the corner or spot them from the door and over he would come, pointing at New One and beating his bully drum.  New One was getting jumpy, every time he would see him he would become sad and R V had enough of it, after all he was only the same age as them, in their class, he was like them only a little lad.

At the end of the day, New One had become so tired of it all he didn’t even want to play and so R V left Little Herbert and went to tell a teacher about what had gone on.  He tried to explain the events of the day, and to all of his information the teacher did say that arguments and fighting should always be met with friendship and acts of kindness.  That was all very well for the teacher to say R V thought, it was a different story for New One who had put up with problems all day.

R V and Little Herbert walked New One out of the school and while there was lots of laughter and shouts, the bully boy was easily seen being taken out of school by parents who were louder than all the playground sounds going on.  Shouting was going on between the parents of a different kind and it was something that other parents and the children seemed to mind.  Teachers had to intervene and it was sad to see that while other children could leave the school gates so glad, the boy who had bullied them all day was leaving with rowing parents and they all seemed so sad.

Little Herbert, R V and New One had all been allowed to go to the one house for tea, the two tried to get their friend to tell his Mum but New One about his less than good day and their plan to resolve it would completely not succumb.  R V said that his Mum was the one they should go to but New One could not explain how he felt, it was a bit embarrassed he supposed and he would cope with it in his own way.  R V knew that his friend was sad and by time for tea no other option was to be had and it was there he told New One’s Mother all about what happened.  New One’s Mother explained sometimes relationships in families were hard and that was why that boy had probably been so sad.  Sometimes it was easier to try to make other people feel as sad as you rather than tell someone about a problem.  She asked them to be nice to the little boy and to tell her the next day if the bullying continued but that R V had been right to tell her as if one had a problem it was always the most suitable option to say.

The next day at school was a little tough, New One was not easily able to forgive or forget, and with R V for telling he had been extremely upset.  R V explained to him that if he had not done what he had thought right then he would no true friend be, that they should sort things out with each other as friends and maybe find the boy, New One was not keen but he listened to him and the three decided to wait and see…

The playground break was the first time where Little Herbert, R V and New One saw the bully of before he was brought in late by his Mother and went off to the far side of the grounds.  Little Herbert who had brought in one of his newest toys looked at R V and New One…they could see that on this occasion the little boy looked sadder than they had been, he had hurried over to a private corner, somewhere unseen.  While the little boy’s Mother with a teacher did talk, it was up to Little Herbert, R V and of course New One to take the first steps and take the long walk…up to the little boy they did go and as he turned around it was with anger and something close to fear he did show.

R V took the lead and explained they had not come to fight, but that they wanted to play, Little Herbert had brought in a new toy and if he liked they could all test it out.  It took a few minutes, the boy looked like he didn’t know what to say, none of the other children would approach him because of the other day.

Slowly after a few minutes he began to examine the toy and start to say that he had been asking his parents for something similar and he would like to have a go, the three did play with the boy but his friendship with New One was a lot more slow.  At first all they could to each other was look, and after a while a look turned to a turn from each other took, after that a bit of friendship was to form but nothing exceptional, both boys tried to make it look like nothing out of the norm.

When the little boy’s Mother saw them all playing together on her way out she looked as if she had tears in her eyes but happy ones R V had thought and from this as they played the little boy began to talk, he started to say that he was sorry for what he had done, happy that the boys had decided with him to play and that they could forget the incidents of the other day.  Other children who had been too shy to approach watched what the boys were up to and started to make friends with the once thought bully boy of before, that one extension of friendship had opened a whole new door.