Level Three. Now you see me.

Level Three – Now you see me.

By Michelle Lloyd.


R V was getting used to school,

he knew the ways of the corridor and he was nobody’s fool.

At school R V wasn’t awfully tough,

but he was wise to the building’s ways and about education he felt he knew enough.


R V felt that at the age he was at,

he had enough knowledge because about school he was feeling a bit flat.

You could ask him the basics of any class taught,

R V would be able to answer without hardly any thought.


It was decided, that was that, and R V knew what to do,

there was no more learning for him and that was something he knew.

Time came for school and R V’s Mum gave him a shout,

R V felt his heart sink and he began to pout.


The plan set to go, R V put in all that he did know,

off he went but he found it hard to know about it all why he felt so low?

Behind the house R V did hide,

he felt he had no one in which to confide.


When R V’s Mum came out to look for him and she called out his name,

R V had a troubling sense that he didn’t like the game.

The hide and go seek reminded him of his friends at school,

they made it a game they always played, it was something of a friend’s rule.


As R V watched his Mum become more stressed in her call,

R V tried his fears to hide, he stood tightly against the wall.

R V’s Mum tried to tell him that they would be late,

he knew that she was one who in life did not like to wait.


R V heard his Mum with someone talk,

as she hunted for him, he felt like a prey to be stalked.

It was only as he heard his Mum a word say,

about how she had heard the news from the school the other day.

R V stopped feeling so tight in his chest,

he listened to his Mum explaining that he had done extremely well in a test.

A prize was to be given for all his hard work at school,

all of a sudden R V could see it and hiding out from his Mum felt a bit cruel.


R V walked out with a Now you see me pose with which his Mum to meet,

seeing visions in his mind of all the lovely things he would get, it all seemed neat.

One look at his Mum’s face told him that was not what she had in mind,

he knew that look on his Mum’s face, it wasn’t one she used when she was going to be kind.

R V’s Mum took a look at him and asked him why for school he was a no show,

he explained that he had loved it for a while but now it seemed a long way to go.

All the work, all the stress and R V felt it was all a bit much to do,

and anyway a lot of the lessons he already knew.

R V’s Mum listened and took him to one side,

her smile she found difficult to hide.

She told him that in life sometimes things did feel like they were hard to do,

when she was little she gave up on tennis and told her Mum with it she was through.

R V found that a difficult thing to believe in,

his Mum had gone on in later life many awards to win.

Sometimes you have to do things even if you think they are tough,

you will achieve a lot from it although for a while it may seem like you have had enough.


R V was happy in the end for his Mum to take him in,

at school there had much talk about the prize he could win.

In his class exam R V had done so well that his teacher had put him up for a national test,

it was something that filled him with a knowing tightness in his chest.

R V watched as all his friends came up to him to ask,

was he nervous or frightened about his impending task?

R V found himself saying in a happy voice that he was sure it would all be worth while,

school had become a lovely thing again and the thought of it left him with a smile.