Level Two. Lana Thoughts.

Level Two. Lana Thoughts.

By Michelle Lloyd.

When Lana went away, New One’s life took a turn for the worse. It had all started when Patch, the neighbour’s dog had gone missing.

Patch was an adorable dog and a firm companion to Lana on their sometimes ‘oh fancy meeting you here’ walks. It was fun to watch them both frolic on the grass, chase each other on the ground and sniff, lick and tail wag everywhere.

When Patch went missing New One and his family had found the news out with a heavy heart. No one had known that Lana had been aware of what it meant though and they had gone on a walk with her, as and when, was needed. Lana had been upset on her walk and had kept shooting Patch’s lawn and house sad looks and when New One appealed to his Dad to take notice of this, all he said was that maybe they were imagining it.

Lana had been very unLana like on her walk and even when they had got home she had been sad sniffing about the house. When New One reflected he began to suspect that there was much more to a dog’s senses and heightened awareness that many people perhaps cared to recognise.

New One had been sure that Lana was sad for the missing Patch and somehow knew that he was at the focus of a lot of worry. They had been asked to keep an eye out for the missing dog but they had not seen anything of him when they had been out and despite several attempts themselves to look as hard as they could, had found nothing.

It was later that same day that Lana’s whereabouts were checked on by New One and she was found to be not where she should have been. He looked at her basket where she loved to lay and nap at that time of day but she had not been there, similarly nor was she in the garden or anywhere in the house. Lana dog was declared as missing a few hours later and New One went into panic mode.

Lana was adored by him and she loved him so much, it was a terrible time and New One could not be consoled by anyone. It took ages for look about searches and weary dog locating walks to tell them that Lana could not be easily found. New One was distraught.

It was a while into the evening, when New One who had been watching from his window, saw something that lifted his heart. It was a movement that caught his eye, and then a wag of a tail.

When later asked about it, New One could not hide his feelings of relief and eagerly recounted what he had seen from the window. Lana had been noticed by him not only returning by herself but with another weary but much loved four legged pal behind her.

It had later appeared as though Lana had not been content with the search and rescue effort that the humans had organised and so she had gone out to do a bit of doggy trailing of her own. Patch’s owners could not have been happier. New One could not have been happier…and Lana, well she was the happiest of all.