Level Three. Lana Loves.

Level Three. Lana Loves.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Lana was the dog that everybody LOVED.  New One and his family had adopted her and she had quite literally arrived at their doorstep as a totally unexpected surprise.  Ever since Lana had found herself a firm place in everybody’s hearts and Lana could not have displayed any more love for her newly found owners.

Loving Lana had taught New One a lot…responsibility was at the heart of many of the much-needed tasks of owning a dog.  The walks were a priority and even the dedication needed on the walks meant that New One felt that he had become a far more responsible owner and child.  If asked, his parents felt that he still had a little to learn…but in general loving Lana had taught everybody an awful lot of important life lessons.

Lana was a lively but good dog.  She loved to play with New One and one of her favourite pastimes was to sit beside him as he did homework.  As of late Lana had been a bit reticent in accompanying New One and every time she would have been expected to have been there, she was in fact somewhere else.  At first New One tried to ignore his worries but previous lessons about dog ownership had taught him that one’s instincts should not usually be ignored.

New One set about trying to find out what or rather where had captured Lana’s interest and why she had been behaving strangely.  It took a little while for New One to locate Lana outside in the garden but after some calls and uniquely known to New One and Lana sounds, the dog was at last found.

As New One approached there was a sharp and sudden intake of breath made by him because once again loving Lana had meant that life could bring with it some unexpected but valuable lessons in life…

Lana was sat extremely proudly under her favourite tree but it who was with her that caught New One’s attention, because sat wriggling and moving about under her could just about be seen several tiny little puppies.

New One knew that this discovery was not one to be kept quiet and on revealing all to his parents the discussion was had by everybody in the family.  Where had the puppies come from?  This was the first question because upon inspection Lana had been found as not to have been, despite her tending and maternal instincts, the puppies’ mother.  After bringing in and settling the six little bundles, inquires were made about the abandoned puppies.

A nearby animal charity helped the family look into the find and told them that New One’s quick notice of Lana’s behaviour had ensured their wellbeing.  Lana had despite her own young age taken to sheltering and warming the pups but feeding them had been slightly beyond her physical capability.  Having rescued the puppies and kept them safe and warm, she had played an important part in their lives.  New One too had been integral as to getting the puppies well on their way to new and loving lives in several deserving homes.

Lana got back into her usual and much loved routine with her family and New One was pleased to see that her recent escapades had been linked to such a good cause.  Lana was happy to be back by New One’s side and delighted by the family’s approval of her desire to be such a loving protector and all-round good dog.