Level Three. Happiness.

Level Three – Happiness.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Happiness was a lovely feeling.  It could be one who experienced it or many but however it was felt, it was definitely a positive attribute to how one could feel.  If you were happy then it showed in what you did, how you did and how you went about it.

It was lovely to see others being happy and Nigel knew that even in witnessing this feeling it could give you a positive sense about life.  Nigel was a keen school goer and he was not what you would call a conventional type.

Nigel had a different physical set of challenges to many others his age but he did not let that stop him.  He could often be found doing what everyone else was doing albeit maybe not by the same means.

Nigel felt happy when he was able to be positive busy.  What did positive busy mean?  Well, he thought about being positive when he was able to improve the lives of others and it was easier to do than many thought it could be.

One day Nigel had started a bit of a campaign to twin the efforts of his fellow school goers with that of another school in another country.  In the twin school the economy was not as able to provide everyone with what they had in their classes and certain subjects were being made difficult to study without the relevant equipment.  It did not take Nigel long to think of a possible solution.  Being in a different position to others gave Nigel a bit of a different view point.  Sometimes this could be an advantage.

Nigel set about using the equipment they had at their school to get the word out about what he was doing and with a little help from his teachers and others in his class all too soon the printed project became a positive prospect.

The school was able to support their chosen twin in another country and it went to prove that being positive busy could be a benefit that made many happy.