Level Three. Enough.

Level Three. Enough.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Neglect was not a thought that entered New One’s mind, not in a conventional sense. He usually felt content and fulfilled but if there was anything that was lacking in his life, New One usually felt that he could try and do something about it. It was not always easy and that was for sure, but he did try. New One believed that he had an understanding, empathetic personality but he had not ever really experienced neglect.

As an idea neglect has been introduced to New One on the news, he had accidently caught the tail end of a feature being broadcast on the television and he felt incredibly sad about what had been broadcast. The presenter had been talking about animals who lived out on the streets and how food for them was scarce. It had not been enough to simply watch and it had made New One feel humble about what he had but wishful about what could be done for those animals who had not very much at all. Neglect was not always the fault of one body or another, at times of extreme or severe strain many areas of life could suffer. This in itself was not an idea that sat well with New One either.

Lana who had come to New One and his family herself as a stray, now had a loving home and experienced no more neglect. New One watched her deeply for a while and that evening New One found that the words of his parents came to him and his conscience. If he really felt badly about a subject then he should try to improve it. Even if it was a small notion, a little bit of effort was fat better than none at all.

It was a small idea that cultivated into a bigger and more proactive project. New One highlighted Lana as his public example and literally employed her as his fundraising objective. Taking Lana out for walks was cherished by New One but he knew that a lot of people had animals and did not always physically have the time or capabilities to take them out as much. It was through talking to his close circle of friends and family that they decided to run a help the community and help the animals project. Going out with local animals who needed walking after school, people could then donate whatever they liked straight to a charity that could fund resources and Vets who would nurture animals on the streets. It made sense in so many ways and it meant that New One could respond to at least one aspect of neglect.