Level Three. Do as I do, Not as I say.

Level Three. Do as I do, Not as I say.

By Michelle Lloyd.

New One had often thought that so many influences in his life led by example. It was not always the case in life, that those who were in important or influential positions, gave clear demonstrations of what they talked about and what their actions indicated.

At home, New One had decided to take this philosophy of keeping what you did and said in parity. This was how New One had been inspired and developed his plan, at school the idea really took hold…

Neglect was a diverse topic. At school there was an after lunch club where wildlife issues were introduced, taught and engaged by pupils and teachers. They lived in a heavily countryside area and preservation of the wildlife was important for everyone. This was where New One felt that his idea could be put to the test. He always talked about how important he felt that the issue of wildlife and environmental awareness were but if he did nothing positive to show everybody, then would his philosophy of do as I do and not only as I say matter?

A woodland walk had been proposed as a way of getting parents, pupils and school staff involved in understanding more about the natural world that surrounded them. New One decided that the woodland walk would be the perfect place for him to show his, do as I do and not just as I say, attitude.

New One took to centre stage, well to the front of the woodland clearing anyhow and began to explain what he had done. Flyers were handed out by dad and New One told everybody about how recently contacting the animal charity in their local area had uncovered some extremely exciting news.

The animal charity was running a project whereby they were teaming up with a fund raising campaign, it had all been established from a set of local clean up sessions in designated areas and was going to help support both the venture to provide much-needed aid to them and to wildlife efforts in their own community. It was a double whammy of achievement and New One wanted to get his school in on the action.

First his class joined in the campaign and then news of what was happening spread through to the rest of the school. A useful boost of participants gathered for the days of the green cleans and a fantastic result was used to fund the animal welfare campaign.

It proved to New One that his philosophy did work, and if practical effort met intended and expressed engagement, then much could be achieved.