Level Three. Conviction.

Level Three. Conviction.

By Michelle Lloyd.

There were several life lessons that were hard but crucial to take to heart. One of these R V felt featured his aims and ambitions.

What were his aims and ambitions? Aims, R V had separated out as his smaller and more achievable wants or desires, whereas ambitions were more longed-for would-love-to-happen scenarios.

Both aims and ambitions were important to R V, but perhaps not for the obvious reasons that many might think about.

Aims and ambitions were specific as to how R V thought about them and he had learnt that even in aspiring to achieve a desire there could be unexpected happiness. It was not always the case that every aim or ambition resulted in the same outcome. Many times R V had been left feeling as if he had not achieved what he had set out for but it was in those moments that he had learnt about the word conviction.

Conviction was to R V a really useful concept. It meant that one could believe in themselves and even if nobody else thought it possible, he knew that it would provide encouragement. In others’ conviction R V found that he could learn too because it provoked the ability to re-think, re-evaluate or even restore his own ideas in his heart. The most integral part of conviction was to R V, that it gave a sense of reassurance.

R V believed a practical consideration of conviction was how it could propel one forward even if they felt that things had not gone their way. It was not always easy to find and sometimes even conviction could surprise on how it fitted into life but R V had found that if he used it appropriately then it meant he never had to let go of the importance of his aims and ambitions.