Level Three. Christmas Love.

Level Three – Christmas Love.

By Michelle Lloyd.

New One’s school had announced that they would be holding a Christmas show.  It would be an evening for parents to see their children performing in a play called Christmas Love.  Each class had entered in a competition to put in their idea for what the show should be about.

New One had taken time to think about what the idea for the Christmas show should be.  He and the other children in his class had been told by their teacher that the idea for the play should be something that meant Christmas Love to them.  It could be something that they loved to do, or see or experience at Christmas time.

The class had been put into several groups.  Little Herbert had found it difficult to think of anything other than toys.  It was no secret that Little Herbert loved toys.  His Father owned a toy shop.  When asked about Christmas by the teacher everyone knew that Little Herbert would think TOYS.  Christmas Love, for New One’s other friend R V, meant holidays.  Lovely, long School holidays.  With Little Herbert on one side of New One thinking toys and R V on the other believing that their idea should be all about a Christmas holiday it was difficult to know what to do.  New One had thought hard about it and he had taken the lead within his group.  It was when New One closed his eyes that he knew what he loved the most and it was not something that people would instantly think of as linked to Christmas.  He told his idea to his two friends because in his heart he knew that it would be something that they loved too.  It was an idea that not many would think of as Christmas but to New One it was the idea that truly meant Christmas Love.

Little Herbert and R V had listened to New One and his idea.  They had thought about it, agreed and told the teacher all about it.  After a little while of a nervous wait it was announced that New One’s group in their class had won.  What was even nicer was that everyone in New One’s group, when they heard about the idea, loved it.

It was a lovely feeling to know that they had won.  The hard work soon started and the class was well into Christmas show time.  Parents were notified of costumes to make, classes joined in with their winning entry and the show was well on the way.

New One’s class had been part of the preparation, the lines had been written and learnt, rehearsal after rehearsal had been attended.  The time was coming for when New One would have to take his position on the stage and it all seemed so real.

As the show became a real event to New One, he started to think about how he would ask his parents something important.  Without it they would not be able to have their show.  The something was the idea that had won it for New One.

On the evening of the show, New One’s parents were a bit tired out from the journey to the school.  It had been a difficult task getting what New One wanted into the car, it had been even more of a problem to get everything sorted at the School but now that it was all done, they sat anxiously in the audience and as the performing began they looked at each other with a worried look.  The class went on one by one with the idea that meant Christmas Love for them and all too soon it was near to the end of the show and time for New One’s class to get on stage.

Their teacher announced them, parents cheered and New One took to the stage.  He was a bit quiet as he started but then as he saw the smiles he grew in confidence.  New One started to say in a voice loud enough to be heard by all the parents, even the ones at the back…

My Christmas Love

it’s not about sweets, candy or toys,

not the things you would think of as important for us girls and boys.

We had a visit before Christmas by someone at our back door,

she loves to play with me, to sleep next to me and we go out lots to explore.

We did not know we were going to have her,

she has long ears, a long tail and fur.

She has helped us get our Christmas tree and write the Christmas cards,

she signed them with her paw you see otherwise she would find printing her name hard.

For me this Christmas I have learned that having her in our life is really good,

she is my friend for life and much better than any Christmas pud.

My Christmas Love is all about her you see,

because we did not know we were going to have her but she means Christmas Love to me.


There was a few minutes of cheering from parents as New One finished his Christmas speech and then from out of the Christmas tree burst the object of New One’s Christmas Love.  Parents laughed as a teacher tried and failed to catch a happy, wide eyed Lana dog.  She knocked over the Christmas decorated backdrop, licked a few of New One’s class mates on her way and ended up somehow with a bit of someone’s costume in her mouth.  Happy she walked straight to New One and took up by his side.  Laughter and smiles came from everyone as the Christmas show ended with a very real look at New One’s Christmas Love.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a success filled New Year.  Mediums Network will be taking a little break but will be back in two weeks time.