Level Three. Beliefs.

Level Three. Beliefs.

By Michelle Lloyd.

The new neighbours were totally just that…new. Dressing differently, looking and seeming like nothing Little Herbert had encountered before, the neighbours were enticing and exciting to him.

Several questions he had asked of his dad about them. The new neighbours were very watchable because Little Herbert had been avidly interested in how they wore their flowing robes and the lilt of their language was strangely alluring to his ears.

Little Herbert had been told not to bother them but this did not in any way satisfy his curiosity. Instead he felt himself gazing and pondering about why they had never had to wear those full length dress like tops and trousers and what they were saying in a language he did not at all understand.

It was to be at school that Little Herbert would get his first chance to hear about his new neighbours. Two of the younger members from the family were in his class and they were taken to the front to be introduced by the teacher. It took a little while to get to know them, more than just their names and appearances.

In the time it got to take Little Herbert to learn a little more, half the class had already started to talk about the new additions to the class and opinions had already formed about them. Little Herbert had to say that he did not agree with many of the class’s collective beliefs.

It was debated between established class members that the new pupils were not able to speak much English and subsequently believed this was why they were quiet and kept themselves to themselves. Little Herbert listened in on another group’s musings on the two new male students and he disliked this view even more. Believed to be snobbish and feeling too good for them, the new pupils were thought to not want to engage in any of their activities.

It was true that the newer pupils and Little Herbert’s neighbours had been apprehensive in their appearance of a desire to fit in but he remembered when he had started in this class and how much he had dreaded starting to engage in collective class antics. He could not help but feel that it was a bit unfair to judge and decide on the new members of class without even having spoken to them properly. He knew from having seen them at home that they were good fun because playing with each other had been an entertaining sight to watch.

Little Herbert watched further as slowly the newest pupils became more and more isolated from the rest of the class. Neither group seemed happy about it. Little Herbert decided to take action and he enlisted the help of his two faithful, fellow friends.

The trio of New One, R V and Little Herbert made it their aim to tackle the rift that had taken place in their class. The mission was easy to know but about it, that was slightly more difficult to go…

Together the trio decided that approaching the new pupils might be slightly overwhelming for them and so each engaged them in their own defined ways. New One got them talking in art class, R V in maths and Little Herbert made a motivated move to mull over the progress of their day at breaktime.

The trio gathered and compared notes at the end of the day and were very impressed with what they had found out.

Far from not being able to speak the language, the newest members of their class were absolute assets because they had put in lots of effort and were happy to be fluent in English and more than happy to unlock the mysteries of their mother tongue to the trio. Skilled in many intriguing and unfamiliar games, the neighbours come pupils were totally desperate to play and teach them to the class.

Having had their suspicions confirmed Little Herbert set about putting right the misgivings that the collective class had adopted. It was easier than at first thought, to reconcile the beliefs of the class, with the reality of the situation. Asking permission Little Herbert took over one of their morning classes and really introduced HIS neighbours to the school and it had to be said that once the class saw what he did, nobody ever looked back.

Can I wish you all a truly special Festive time and beautifully blessed start to the New Year!

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