Level Three. An Adult and Child.

Level Three. An Adult and Child.

By Michelle Lloyd.

What did it mean to be an adult? It was a question that posed many thoughts in response. Surely thought RV, that as an adult all those childhood fantasies could then be fulfilled…or could they?

RV loved being able to live it large but in his own application of the term. He was out most days doing what needed to be done as only he could and life was lived at school, home and playing in the park.

There were certain playtime issues that did to RV apply and he for example, was told not to go on the smaller rides at parks because he had outgrown them. It was tough and a life lesson that he was not quick or keen to learn.

Why should his age preclude him from playing on some of his not all that long ago loved playtime pursuits? RV’s parents told him no though, and so he as he had heard many of his friends had also had to do, he was made to abide by the adult law.

Often RV would sit and contemplate what life would be like if he were truly older and able to make up regulations of his own. He would be able to do everything and anything that he liked. Rides would no longer be out of bounds and nor would bed times be applicable. He would do it all and in his own time, he could live it large according to RV, as only he could do.

On thinking about it further RV decided that he was old enough to take up this Adult Vs Child routine and make up his own regulations or at least a few of them. He went up to the rides that he had been told he was not allowed to go on and gave it a little go…but oh no!  Stuck soon was he and no amount of pulling or pushing could release him from the mad merry go round of a ride that had been intended for those younger and smaller in size.

After some frantic flailing had only got him flying quicker round the ride, he had to relent and let some kind passersby help him out. RV’s parents had been at that time talking and he put this down to a fortunate moment to learn, the very same lesson that his Mum and Dad had often taught him.

Without the added name, blame and shame from the parents RV thought about the point they had reiterated to him on many occasions. Mistakes were opportunities to learn from and as he thanked the kind passersby and simultaneously avoided the gaze of his ever watching parents, a tough task to master, he thought that maybe there was a way for him to win in favour of the Adult Vs Child challenge.

RV took to heart the fact that his parents, as adults, did have those extra years of experience. There was a lot that they had trialled, tested out and tried, so he would keep that in mind and use that knowledge in his favour. It did not mean RV could not be full of new ideas and attempts to do things but compromise might have to feature in his objectives occasionally and the odd question of why something was out of the question for him or not, might be helpful too.