Level Three. Affectionate.

By Michelle Lloyd.

At school and at home New One started to worry about the term affectionate. Was he affectionate enough and how did he show this trait?

He started to listen out more and watch for signs of how everybody was feeling, because he knew one way of showing how much you felt about a loved one was by expressing affection for their wellbeing. New One first watched his mum but was astounded at how she could keep up with so many different things in a day.

Off went mum to the Plant and Pot where she would be found on most days and he knew that there she would keep up with every need and demand of the people with whom she worked. He was then observant at home whereby he would notice her keeping up with everything that his dad and he would ask about or for and then to top it off she would keep up with the messages her friends would send her for this or that…New One’s mum seemed to him to be very affectionate because she looked out for people in so many ways.

New One watched as his friends too, exhibited affection, and helped to convey this emotion. Giving him alerts when needed as to latest updates for games or what he needed to know about at school or in their locality. They were good to play with and knew each other’s likes and interests.

How did being affectionate apply to those he knew and loved. Soon New One learnt that his dad was a far less speedy person to pursue. Being affectionate for him was sure to be about helping him unwind. When he asked him how he could best show his love, what the term according to dad signified most was being looked after and lavished with quality time. It was easy thought New One as he brought his dad his favourite snack and played his own favourite game with him. It was a double win.

Being affectionate for Lana dog was a different thing again. It was food and play that meant the most to Lana and no other language was needed. New One thought about affection as he cuddled Lana and looked at his family. It was a funny thing and one that brought smiles and happiness to different parts of the family in different ways.