Level Three. A Visit.

Level Three – A Visit.

By Michelle Lloyd.

New One loved being able to have time with R V and Little Herbert.  They could bounce ideas off each other because they knew what each liked individually and the three were firm in their love for mayhem.

A visit had been arranged for R V and Little Herbert to visit New One’s Grandma.  He could not wait for it, he could properly introduce his much loved Grandma to two of his closest pals and he was sure that it was going to be awesome.  The school afternoon seemed to go so slowly and the eager looks that the three kept shooting each other was only an indication as for how they longed for the visit to start.

After school visits to each other’s houses were not uncommon but they were treasured and this occasion was going to take them out of their comfort zone.  New One led the walk out of school, his Mum was waiting to take them all over to Grandma’s house in the car.  It seemed like an age to get there and actually down to the nitty gritty of what their visit would encompass but finally it got to that exact time and they found themselves sat happily in Grandma’s sitting room.  Various visit objectives had been discussed by the three of them but most important was the meet and greet.

Visit objectives were all based on having fun and of course getting to meet Grandma.  If it was fun then New One, R V and Little Herbert were often found to have done it on one of their visits to each other but on this occasion the three sat and looked at each other, eager were they to get started but oddly none of them knew where to start.

Ideas were not the problem.  The trouble was that as they looked at Grandma and she at them, broaching any of their prepared topics of what to say seemed inappropriate.  Overwhelmed by how neat everything was, when they were all given drinks, putting them down anywhere seemed difficult and R V worried about spilling his anywhere.  This only added to the discomfort and Little Herbert who had many jokes up his sleeve found that Grandma’s look of disapproval was not a most appealing audience for his comedy routine.  It did not take too long before New One took the lead.  He tried to engage everyone in a bit of conversation.

They got into it, R V and Little Herbert did their outmost to pretend as if they were having fun but as the game went on their feelings were guessed by New One.  Having looked forward to it, the actual visit had not gone well and New One could not help but be disappointed by this.  He started to feel offended by R V and Little Herbert because surely they could have put more into it.

It was when Grandma and New One’s Mum went out of the room for a moment or two to get something that the three had crisis talks…  What was there to do about Grandma and the visit?

New One was not at all convinced that he had done enough.  He really wanted R V and Little Herbert to love his Grandma like he did.  His Grandma was not that quiet with him but with them she had hardly said anything and that had made R V and Little Herbert feel slightly intimidated by her.  It was the wrong impression that they had of her but it had mislead them into thoughts that she did not like them.

It was when New One’s Grandma came back into the room that he took a few minutes to go to talk with his Mum about what he could do to ease the tension?  New One’s Mum listened to his feelings and explained that grandma was not used to having so many people go to see her all at once and that far from not liking them she had been troubled by what she could do to make the visit go better.  It was a problem.  New One knew that if Grandma could be the grandma he knew and loved then all would be well, but how to do it was the difficulty.  It was as New One and his Mum were deep in thought that they heard the sound of shouting.

Fearing the worst they both ran in to salvage what they could of the visit which they were sure must have taken a turn for the worst…but on getting to the room they saw Grandma, Little Herbert and R V all smiling and happy.  As it turned out Little Herbert had gotten out his phone and had shown Grandma one of his much loved and rather for Grandma excitement filled games.  R V had gotten involved, having sat on the arm of her sofa and all three looked content.

In the mayhem, cushions had fallen off the sofa, the side table had been pushed aside and as Mum went to put things straight Grandma told her not to bother because she should come and have a go at Little Herbert’s game before the green monster had taken them all hostage.  New One could not have been happier as he joined in with the visit to Grandma because as he looked at her smiling face, he knew that Little Herbert and R V could be with the Grandma that he knew.