Level One. You Can.

Level One. You Can.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Instead of four feet he had three,

but with his extra addition he did get about speedily.

There were things that of late he found hard to do,

but when he had a problem in life he knew in his heart what was true.

In life it was not what you didn’t have, but what you had,

and every time Nigel thought of this he was so very glad.

If Nigel found something too hard to do,

there would be a way round it, an idea of which he knew.

Nigel’s way was all about the positive ideas and passion he had,

it was something that filled him with happiness and meant he was hardly ever sad.

It was because of this knowledge that Nigel went out happy each day,

he accomplished tasks not thought possible as he had a unique ability to work and play!