Level One. Wild Ways.

Level One. Wild Ways.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Living and loving his wild life was what he could do,

and about his objective and task, he did see it vividly through.

It was not only in his mind that he could venture to be free,

because come night time he no longer imagined so longingly.

Out and about did this russet red fox travel for quite a while,

but if pushed he could easily go on for miles and miles.

Instead on this occasion he stayed fairly close to his home,

all the time listening, observing and swiftly he did roam.

This young, hopeful playful little fox traversed up, down, over and around,

an agile fox he was for he knew exactly how to move upon his own ground.

Nipping expertly in and out of tall trees and the odd park,

he did not whine or whimper, for he had his own particular wild bark.