Level One. Too Tired.

By Michelle Lloyd.


Watching grandpa hedgehog having a nap was when the idea struck,

and little hoglet thought enthusiastically that he better follow this up.

There was certainly a difference in grandpa every time he took his nap and then woke,

and hoglet wanted to ask him if all this sleeping stuff was a bit of a joke.

Grandpa bestowed his knowledge on all things nap,

he got himself comfortable and in his memories was not a single gap.

Snoozing had a place in all of the things one had to do,

because without it there would be no energy for him to see anything through.

Tiredness could be terrible and it could slow a hedgehog down,

it was not healthy to hide from it, pull a funny face or even frown.

Hoglet decided if it had been good enough for grandpa, then he should give it a go,

and sure enough after a snooze of his own then his energy did flow.