Level One. Slumber.

Level One. Slumber.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Sleep, slumber and soothing thoughts,

were not concepts that Hoglet easily caught.

Instead of drift and glide off to gentle sleep,

wide awake and active he would himself keep.

Hoglet simply did not want to sleep his time away,

why do that, when he could play, play, play?

It was for his hedgehog mum to instruct her tired little one,

for the ways of sleep could also be incredibly fun.

Healing when they slept and healthier, in size, body and mind,

slumber was something that all hedgehogs needed to find.

If hoglets slept then in their appetite for food and life would they grow,

hedgehog mum explained he had all of these benefits from sleep to show.

Snoozing had a place in all of the things one had to do,

because simply without it there was no energy for him to see anything through.

Hoglet decided he should give this sleeping and slumber a little go,

and sure enough after a snooze of his own then his energy did flow.