Level One. Skills.

Level One. Skills.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Puppy had a need to play, play, play,

he would do it almost all of each and every day.

At meal, walk and nap times too,

everybody need not guess at what he would do!

Playing with everything and play some more would he,

it filled him with a true sense of his own special happy.

Puppy was particularly adept at pulling things down,

but at skills of tidying up again he would frown.

It took a bit of time for the balance in life to show,

for him to learn that in skillset he could grow.

Puppy could play extremely well and this was for sure,

but with the games could come lessons and a whole lot more.

Puppy could benefit so much from each aspect of learn and play,

and slowly become stronger, better and more skilful each day.