Level One. Rest.

Level One – Rest.

By Michelle Lloyd.

It was hard to be ill and that was for sure,

you had to sit still and not do any of those things adored.

Rest was what one had to do to lessen them being so ill,

but it was awfully tough to sit extremely still.

Teddy was promised if he did what he was told,

then he could play medic and his own type of treatment could unfold.

Unfold for sure did Teddy with what he thought needed to be,

for he went about with his medical aid most eagerly.

All too soon Teddy’s Mum was sat covered from head to toe,

in what would aid her recovery and she could not say no.

At least Teddy’s Mum knew that he had rested and of this she felt assured,

because up and about he was and no longer was he ill or bored.