Level One. Present.

Level One – Present.

By Michelle Lloyd.


A present is something R V knew all about,

it was a reason to laugh, to be happy and shout.

A present was something that one was able to give to a friend,

when you wanted to show them that you had love for them to send.img047 (3)

A present RV had seen came in many a different shape and size,

it was as if the aim of a present was to improve your friends’ lives.

Presents could be useful or given to just make one smile,

the ones R V liked best were toys which could amuse him for an awfully long while!

Often wrapped up in colours so that one could not see what was inside,

presents meant all types of lovely things that someone could hide.

R V loved to give and receive presents that he had chosen himself for a friend,

it was by choosing something that he knew they would like that he could his love send.

His Mother said presents told people how you felt, and if they already didn’t know,

a present was a good way of your love for them to show.

Presents be they big, medium or small,

it was how they were given that said it all.