Level One. Pollution.

Level One. Pollution.

By Michelle Lloyd.

It came from discarded, thrown away rubbish of all sorts,

almost all of the landscape was filled with the waste that had been brought.

Plastic and items that should have found a way to the bin,

had put one bird’s world in a total tail-spin!

Where could he walk, find a path or simply go,

everywhere seemed a new bit of hazard it did stow.

Dangerous, unsafe and simply unclean was the land,

poor bird was threatened with all manner of elastic and plastic bands.

What worried bird most was how he could learn to survive,

in an environment where upon before his ancestors did thrive.

Watching a positive and hopeful group descend,

it was with their efforts of a clear up that his gloom it did mend.

There was a way forward and it could be all right,

but it meant learning to think about all the rubbish, even that which might not be in sight.