Level One. Parenthood.

Level One. Parenthood.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Relationships of which there were many to see,

they seemed to be based on trust, love and making each other happy.

Family members all for each other could show,

how their love for them could in a multitude of ways grow.

This tiny tiger cub had pondered on how dearly his mother took care,

in all life’s skills and techniques to succeed she did share.

He knew that it took an awful lot to sometimes keep him in line,

he could be mischievous, messy and from time to time he did whine…

Every time though his parent, this mother of his was there,

out to protect and teach him almost everywhere!

Many ups and downs in their lives had they together shared,

but significantly always for each other they showed that they cared.

A recognisable parent, teacher, friend, nurse and even more,

in parenthood there was much to marvel at, a comprehensive knowledge store.

Tiny tiger cub had to say that about this he felt he had learnt,

there were many emotions of love and respect that could be earnt.

In learning about life’s lessons he felt closer to his parent and her wise ways,

in teaching tiny tiger cub, his parent felt privileged in those parenthood days.