Level One. Mobility.

Level One. Mobility.

by Michelle Lloyd.

Mobility was what mattered most at school and at home,

for Nigel the word meant having the freedom to roam,

Roam about here or there, anywhere,

moving about was a priority and his NO.1 care.

Nigel was not on four feet you see,

he was a tortoise on a total limbs of three.

It was not the worst situation, not by any means,

because about the idea of mobility, he was still very keen.

Get about quite quickly on an extra wheel he could,

it was not all that conventional but Nigel on it firmly stood.

That wheel to many was a point of difference or a reason to stare,

but Nigel felt immensely proud of it and only wanted the benefits to share.

Before anyone could point, whisper or even at his mobility wheel look twice,

Nigel would wow them with his ability to add to his movement a little spice!

He could be faster, more agile and he left the other tortoises behind him at a pace,

because Nigel of the three feet, one wheel knew how to win his own mobility race.