Level One. Hoglets and Health.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Hoglets grow into hedgehogs but they do start out small,

and they have to climb up a healthy targets wall.

Hedgehogs usually stay awake at night and not during the day,

and it is late at night when they learn to socialise and play.

Nocturnal means hedgehogs prefer to be up at night,

as they often tend to stay under cover and remain out of human sight.

Hoglets need hibernation, socialisation, and to eat or drink enough,

otherwise growing can seem incredibly tough.

Sleep is an advantage and sometimes hedgehogs rest for days or weeks,

but before retiring to bed, the right type of nourishment they seek.

Squeaking or grunting, these amazing little animals have to cope with many a threat,

but being determined and careful, about their survival task they are set.