Level One. Hoglet and Hedgehog.

Level One. Hoglet and Hedgehog.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Hoglets grow into hedgehogs, but did you know,

in growing and aging there was a long way to go?

A hedgehog or hoglet can work, rest and play,

but they usually do all this at night and not during the day.

Nocturnal means hedgehogs can get about quite easily at night,

as they often prefer to stay under cover and remain out of human sight.

Hoglets have to learn about what can keep them strong and tough,

it is all dependant on hibernation, communication and eating enough.

In getting adequate sleep, sometimes hedgehogs rest for days or weeks,

but then when they wake refreshed, the right type of nourishment they seek.

Squeaking or grunting, these amazing little animals many skills display,

and achieve astounding accomplishments in the equivalent of their day.