Level One. Hoglet.

Level One. Hoglet.

By Michelle Lloyd.


Our tale it starts on what was a cold Autumn night,

as Hedgehog and Hoglet came slowly into sight.

5000 spines the pair img045 (3)had each,

Mother Hedgehog was about her baby Hoglet to teach.

how to find wriggly food in the ground,

it was easiest to only grunt and not make too much sound.

Mother Hedgehog showed Hoglet how his long snout to use,

it was easy to sniff out the nicest worms to choose.

You can not rely on your eyesight you know,

Mother Hedgehog showed Hoglet the tastiest places to go.

There were hidden bush cafes and wonder filled earthy gardens to go to eat,

Snails, worms and garden wildlife could all make for a lovely treat.

Oh and if you were scared or worried at all,

it was easy this life lesson because all you had to do was roll into a tight ball.

The Hoglet he had many lessons to learn,

his Hedgehog Mother was the happiest as all his Hoglet training points he did earn.