Level One. Hide.

Level One – Hide.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Hide did Pooch the puppy do for sure,

into soft, cushioned places he would go and this he did adore.

If it was soft, silky or smooth in it he would be,

but then hard he was for anyone else to see.

Pooch’s Mum would look for him for an absolute age,

only to discover he was at the poking out tail stage.

Pooch had gone in and hide did he in a shoe,

with him his Mum knew not what to do!

Pooch loved to find somewhere to hide,

the only problem was in it for a long time did he reside.

In the end Pooch’s Mum found to his hiding a little clue,

because of it she knew exactly where he was and what about it to do.

Pooch as a puppy he had grown in size a little bit,

and it was that his tail would stick out of wherever he would sit.

This was the means by which his Mum could tell,

follow Pooch’s tail she would and all would be well.