Level One. Full.

By Michelle Lloyd.

I am full of ideas and full of play,

but I do so much more in my kind of day.

I know you say I run about too much,

but there are many things with which I have to stay in touch.

Is my water bowl full and how about my walk?

I do not think there is too much time for a talk.

Off we go and before you know,

it is time to give that favourite ball a throw.

I am not too full to want to leave,

gently I indicate this with a tug at your sleeve.

Full is not something I find easy to take,

there is usually room for another slice of doggy cake.

I hope the toys have stayed in the basket this time around,

the extent that they get strewn about could easily astound.

Cushions on sofas means a treat for sure,

oh and looks like someone’s got back from the store.

I am not too full to love you or show what I can do,

as I enthusiastically express all this to you.