Level One. Build it.

Level One. Build it.

By Michelle Lloyd.

The term, the word, what did it mean?

What could one from the reference of Build glean?

A tiny bird seemed after the answer sought,

for in his beak the beginnings of it he had caught.

A glimpse, a look though it might only be brief,

affords one a peek at his vivid, green leaf.

Look deeper, think further and what could this do?

Everything could from this small leaf ensue…

Slowly and surely could this part of the whole be seen,

it was a basis for a nest building bird who was keen.

It might only look like a single, solitary leaf, held in a beak

but it was the first stage of a nest that this bird did seek.

It was with small and important stages that a firm foundation could grow,

and that was what this leaf carrying bird did know.